Susan Wilson
Corporate Sales Coordinator

Susan has been with LAFB for 4 years & is our resident "Southern Belle."  She has 25 years of sales experience & is a ray of sunshine for anyone who crosses her path. Her focus is on maintaining a relationship with clients by assisting them with the planning of their meetings & events so that they can have a wonderful catering experience from start to finish.  You've probably seen her out in the field telling potential clients about LAFB catering with our freshly baked cookies!

Kristen Parrish
Catering Coordinator

Kristen Parrish is a chef, nutritionist, adventurer and a mom of five. She specializes in many culinary niches and international foods. She enjoys an active lifestyle - travel, surfing, yoga, climbing, hiking and some more extreme adventures such as jumping out of perfectly good airplanes and scuba diving. Kristen is delighted to be part of the family here at LAFB, combining her knowledge of food, nutrition, and organizational skills to coordinate events and assist customers in every part of their planning process. Her passion is to help others learn about and enjoy healthy food and a healthy lifestyle.

Meredith Woodson
Senior Event Director

Meredith has over 20 years' experience in the event planning industry. Starting as an entertainer and music educator, she made the leap into planning and coordination first with a production company in San Diego, then relocated to Orange County. Here, she expanded experience in both corporate and private parties, but has specialized in non-profit and fundraising events. Now, she focuses on creating fabulous menus to go along with stand-out weddings & events, utilizing her knowledge of unique event sites to set the perfect mood.